Durham IT Ransomware ProtectionWannaCry Ransomware is still infecting computers and businesses are finding there’s no choice but to pay the ransom to get their data back.

According to Znet, “WannaCry ransomware is still spreading – and still successful at infecting users”

Ransomware infects computers through malicious emails and security holes which automated processes across the internet seek out. This means no one is safe unless the proper proactive actions have been taken. “That happens to other businesses” isn’t a valid response.

There is no sure-fire way of preventing ransomware. Instead, businesses should focus on how to maintain operations despite a ransomware attack. One way to do this is a solid, fast and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery solution.

Durham IT Services provides businesses in Durham Region with simple and affordable backup and disaster recovery that can have your business back up and running within minutes.

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