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With the continuing shift towards remote working, health is an ongoing concern. Find out how to stay healthy even when you’re working from home.

The global pandemic resulted in many workplaces implementing work-from-home policies. In doing so, many of these workplaces have discovered that there are significant benefits to providing employees with the option of doing their work remotely.

According to a survey conducted by CoSo Cloud, 77% of people believe they are more productive when working from home. Another study, conducted by commercial real estate firm CBRE, suggests that up to 69% of millennials are willing to sacrifice certain workplace benefits to have more flexible working options. The video conferencing company, Owl Labs, also found that 74% of people say they are more likely to stay with a company if they have the option of working from home.

The simple message is that working from home is likely to become the new normal in the coming years. However, working from home also presents challenges.

No longer faced with the need to commute to the office, people may find that they are less focused on their health. Some may also find they have limited access to exercise equipment or other resources that help them to stay healthy.

In this article, we will share five tips on how you can stay healthy when working from home.



The kitchen is only a short walk away when you are working from home. Unfortunately, this also means that it is very easy to access sugary snacks at any point.

The solution is to eliminate unhealthy snacks from the kitchen or make them a little less convenient to access. To start, try keeping a few healthy options in an easy-to-access spot near your work area. This will make you less tempted to venture to the kitchen in search of something sugary.

In the kitchen, keep a good stock of fruits, vegetables, and healthy snacks available. Make these healthier options visible by placing them on the counter while hiding the unhealthy snacks in the cupboards. This will allow your healthy snacks to act as a visual reminder to stick with the foods that are good for your body.



It is easy to spend too much time at the computer when you are working from home. This leads to long periods of sedation in which your body isn’t moving.

Sitting for several hours at a time is linked to a range of health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. By committing to moving for a few minutes every hour, you reduce your risk of experiencing these conditions.

Consider setting a timer to remind yourself to get up every hour. Spend a little time walking around the house or go for a quick walk around the block before resuming work.



In addition to walking every hour, there are several ways that you can stay active even when working.

For example, sitting on an exercise ball is a great way to keep your body engaged while you’re in front of a computer. The unstable nature of the ball forces you to use your core muscles to stay upright, strengthening your body in the process.

Some take this a step further and choose to work while standing. Keep in mind that while this is an effective technique, it does require you to have a desk at a suitable height. If your desk is too low, you may cause issues with your posture due to having to bend over constantly.



Take a few minutes each day to perform a couple simple exercises, such as squats or jumping jacks.

Squats involve using your own weight to strengthen your lower body. You can use dumbbells to create further resistance if you’d like to make this exercise more challenging. However, only do so when you’re already confident in your technique without using any additional weights.

Jumping jacks elevate your heart rate and work your entire body. They allow you to improve your cardiovascular conditioning without requiring a lot of room. You can also add resistance using free weights, although this should only be done when you’ve mastered the technique.



One of the best things about working from home is that you have complete control over your environment. Use this to your advantage by creating an environment that allows you to tackle stress.

For example, placing scented candles around your desk creates a more relaxed environment. Ensuring you have plenty of plants in your home office has also shown to be effective. Additionally, working near a window helps to reduce stress, as having a view of nature can be soothing.



While working from home offers a range of benefits in terms of flexibility, productivity, and work/life balance, it can also lead to a more sedentary working environment. Overcoming this requires you to come up with ways to keep your body healthy, even when you’re spending long hours sitting in front of a computer.

The tips shared in this article will help you do just that and best of all, none of them require you to buy expensive exercise equipment.

Now, there are many more challenges related to remote work that both employees and businesses need to stay on top of. If you need any help creating the most effective remote work environments possible, schedule a 15 minute, no obligation call with us at www.durham-it.ca/book-a-call/.

Article used with permission from The Technology Press.

Don’t you often find that it’s the small things that make the biggest difference? That is certainly the case with technology. Minor updates to the software that you and your team use every day can have a surprising effect on your overall productivity.

Microsoft has recently announced a series of small improvements to Teams, Microsoft 365 and Windows 11. It’s keeping its foot on the gas despite the holidays being just a few weeks away.



In Teams, there’s a new feature being developed to show the time zone of everyone in your business. If you’ve ever collaborated with people working in other time zones, you’ll know how invaluable that can be. It will now be much easier to schedule calls that everyone can attend. This feature can also prevent you from bombarding someone with emails at the start of their workday. If you’ve ever worked with colleagues who are at work while you’re still in bed, you know the dread of having to start your workday with hours of their emails waiting for you.

Spreading awareness of colleagues’ time zones will also encourage people to schedule emails using “send later”. That new Teams feature is due out by the end of January.

Another major Teams development is the introduction of Loop components, which have just rolled out in a recent update. These allow you to integrate complex data more easily into Teams and work on it in real time. For example, in a Teams chat you might draw a table and fill it with numbers or text. Now anyone can edit that table and the changes show in real time for everyone. You can use this to co-author reports, pull together ideas without endless chats, or work on data together.



Over to Microsoft 365. Which now has the ability for you to say how you’ll be attending a meeting you’ve been invited to. You can say whether you’ll be there in person or on a video call. Hybrid working is here to stay, and this is a very welcome update.



Windows 11 also brings a very welcome update. At the moment, when you put your computer into Airplane mode, it turns off all connections regardless of your preferences. Soon your computer will be able to remember how you like your device to be setup in Airplane mode. For example, if you like to leave Bluetooth on to keep your headphones connected, Windows 11 will remember that.

Microsoft is also working on improvements to notifications. It will let apps with high priority notifications, such as alarms and reminders, stack up reminders.


Want help navigating any of these (or any other) updates? Book a 15 minute, no obligation call with us at www.durham-it.ca/book-a-call/.


Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.

Project management is a big part of many businesses. While there are many tools out there, it can often be difficult to find one that fulfills your business’s needs. Here is our recommendation… Microsoft Project!

On top of being easy to use, Microsoft Project easily integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps that your business already uses. This is a major benefit when it comes to efficiency in your business. This short video outlines some of our favourite thing about Microsoft Project.

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Sharing information and storing documents in a team setting can often be frustrating. Because every team is so unique, they each require a platform that is customizable to their needs. Luckily, Microsoft offers just this with SharePoint. SharePoint is a cloud-based app that has been developed to aid in productivity and communication. Here is our newest video explaining how it can aid your business.

If you want to learn more about SharePoint, or any other Microsoft 365 app, book a 15 minute, no obligation call with us at www.durham-it.ca/book-a-call/.

We always recommendation that you use a secure, external password manager to keep your business safe from intruders. A password manager will generate, remember, and auto-fill long random passwords for you and your team.

If you use Chrome, you may have noticed that it has a built-in password manager. When using an external manager, it can be confusing to also have Chrome’s built-in manager enabled. This short video shows you how to disable Chrome’s password manager, as well as the benefits of doing so:

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Getting all your tasks and due date out of your head and into a task manager can be one of the easiest ways to improve your time management. Microsoft To Do is a powerful task manager that easily integrates with many of the Microsoft 365 apps that you likely already use. In this short video, we give you the lowdown on how it can be used to help you and your team be more productive.

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Creating, formatting, and managing data is essential for many businesses. While Excel can be very helpful with this, there is actually another Microsoft tool that is even more powerful… Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access allows you to get more out of your data, while still being very user friendly. In this short video, we reveal what it’s all about and how your business could benefit from using it.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your team’s work pattern and habits located in one place? Microsoft 365 offers just this with MyAnalytics!

MyAnalytics provides you with statistical information on important aspects of your team’s work life, such as collaboration time, focus time, and connecting with colleagues. This knowledge can help you and your team understand where improvements can be made and what aspects of the working day can be made more efficient. Check out more on MyAnalytics in this short video:

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More and more businesses are moving towards a paperless office. There are plenty of benefits to this, including reduced costs, increased productivity, and environmental considerations. While it sounds like making this transition would be a big job, it’s a lot easier than you think. In this short video, we outline the benefits of going paperless and make three suggestions to help get you there smoothly.

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When most people think about Microsoft 365, they think of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. What many people don’t realize is that there are so many other useful apps included in your subscription. Finding the right apps for your business can boost productivity, save time, and improve customer experience.

Now the hard part is that there are so many apps available that it can be difficult to determine which app fits your business best. Here’s where we come in… We have created an easy-to-read guide on our 10 favourite Microsoft 365 apps that we think every business should explore. Download it for free here: 10 Apps You Didn’t Know You Had In Microsoft 365

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