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PowerPoint can be one of the most effective ways to influence people during a meeting or video call. Well, it has now been made EVEN EASIER! You can now incorporate audio into your PowerPoints to really win over your audience.

This is just one of the little hidden tricks within PowerPoint. Office 365 applications have so many useful tools that many of us do not know about. If you would like to try Office 365 for free and get access to these phenomenal communication tools, set up a quick 15-minute call with us and we can get you set up on your FREE TRIAL.

Remote working has become a big part of many businesses. This means that business owners need a tool that makes remote working as easy and efficient as possible. Office 365 is the answer that most business owners are looking for.

Office 365 provides you access to the tools you need no matter where you might be. Utilizing its many cloud-based applications, you can easily do all the work that you used to do in the office. As an added bonus, most of these applications can be easily used on just your phone, so you are no longer chained to your PC or laptop.

If you feel like your team’s remote working experience could benefit from Office 365, schedule a quick Zoom call with us and we can discuss setting you up with a FREE Office 365 Trial.

Business owners… are you wanting more effective collaboration opportunities for your team? Office 365 offers many easy-to-use options for collaboration, such as allowing your whole team to work together on documents in Word.

As long as your document is stored in OneDrive or SharePoint and you have the auto-save feature turned on, your team can collaborate anywhere at any time.

While in your document, simply click the share icon in the top right corner of the page, insert the email addresses of those you are collaborating with and click send! Collaboration with Office 365 is that easy!

If you feel your company could benefit from these types of collaboration options, schedule a quick Zoom call with us and we can discuss setting you up with a FREE Office 365 Trial.


Business owners… is your company currently utilizing Office 365? If not, it is something worth considering as there are many benefits. Here are just a few:

  1. Easily work remotely from anywhere on any device
  2. Easy and efficient collaboration between team members
  3. Robust security measures that allow you to SECURLEY access files from anywhere
  4. Improves your team’s communication and results
  5. No up-front costs and only one, low, monthly price

If you feel like any of the above features could benefit your company, schedule a quick Zoom call with us and we can discuss your free trial.

Watch over the next week for more information about specific ways Office 365 can benefit your company!

Microsoft Teams is the true hub for digital teamwork.
There’s no better tool for boosting productivity, especially if you have employees who work together remotely. Microsoft Teams will give them the tools they need to meet, work, and collaborate in one central location.

Teamwork makes your business work!

By switching your staff’s communication away from email and into Microsoft Teams, it’ll be far easier to keep track of what’s going on with projects and much less info will get lost in inboxes. Microsoft Teams makes setting up calls and meetings a breeze, and provides everything you need to stay in touch with each other.

The speed that your staff will be able to share and collaborate on documents will be given a boost, as Teams works very nicely with other Microsoft apps like Word and PowerPoint. It also integrates with third-party apps too!

Ready to properly embrace Teams? We can help.

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