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Sharing information and storing documents in a team setting can often be frustrating. Because every team is so unique, they each require a platform that is customizable to their needs. Luckily, Microsoft offers just this with SharePoint. SharePoint is a cloud-based app that has been developed to aid in productivity and communication. Here is our newest video explaining how it can aid your business.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have your team’s work pattern and habits located in one place? Microsoft 365 offers just this with MyAnalytics!

MyAnalytics provides you with statistical information on important aspects of your team’s work life, such as collaboration time, focus time, and connecting with colleagues. This knowledge can help you and your team understand where improvements can be made and what aspects of the working day can be made more efficient. Check out more on MyAnalytics in this short video:

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If your IT Partner is always fixing your technology, it’s a sign that it is time to switch. Waiting until technology breaks is a thing of the past. Your IT Partner needs to be proactive in stopping problems before they affect your business.

Our new guide outlines how this proactive approach to IT can benefit your company and improve profits. Download it for free here: How To Improve Profits with a Proactive IT Partner 

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First of all, do you know what the cloud is? Many businesses are embracing it, but not a lot of people actually understand it. Our new video outlines what it is and how it benefits businesses. Check it out here:

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When most people think about Microsoft 365, they think of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams. What many people don’t realize is that there are so many other useful apps included in your subscription. Finding the right apps for your business can boost productivity, save time, and improve customer experience.

Now the hard part is that there are so many apps available that it can be difficult to determine which app fits your business best. Here’s where we come in… We have created an easy-to-read guide on our 10 favourite Microsoft 365 apps that we think every business should explore. Download it for free here: 10 Apps You Didn’t Know You Had In Microsoft 365

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By now we all know that Microsoft Teams is one of the greatest collaboration tools for businesses. There are just so many features that are included! Video meetings, Outlook, SharePoint, and even Immersive Reader, which speaks text on a channel at a speed that in comfortable for the reader. Find out more about it in this short video:

Nothing beats an in-person brainstorming session with your team. Unfortunately, in our current hybrid work environments, that is often not possible. Luckily, Microsoft offers the next best thing with Whiteboard!

Whiteboard is perfect for sharing ideas in real time with whoever you want. You and your team can easily add anything from sticky notes, to pictures, to diagrams. Find out more on how it works here:

Does your business ever use translation tools? Maybe you work with clients or suppliers overseas? If so, here is a tool that you might find helpful!

OneNote has the ability to automatically translate text for you. With just the click of a button, everything can be translated for you into any language from their wide selection. Here is more on how it works:

Working from home has come with many new challenges that businesses have to work through. One challenge for many businesses has been implementing new software or exploring new ways to use existing software so that employees can effectively work from home. An important step that is often missed in this process is ensuring that your team feels comfortable using your new technology. If employees do not feel confident using the new software, they are not going to be as productive as they should be.

We have created this short video to aid you in helping your employees with this transition:

Most businesses have been forced to put some sort of remote working into place due to the pandemic. Through these changes, some businesses have thrived whereas others have struggled with the transition.

The businesses who are thriving are those who had prioritized their technology and already had a robust IT infrastructure in place, as this allowed employees to easily work from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

Watch this short video on how your company can benefit from keeping up with technology: