Your Company’s Data is Being Held for Ransom!

Scary thought, isn’t it?

When you hear about IT security, you tell yourself “That’s for big companies. It won’t affect me”. Sound familiar?

But that’s not true. Automated processes run all over the internet that can and most likely will hurt your business if you ignore security.

These processes seek out networks, email systems, etc. that are not adequately secured. At a minimum, they will infect your systems. At worst,  they will hold your data for ransom. This happens daily, and it’s happening to small and large companies alike.

So please – talk to your IT provider and tell them you want a list of everything they’ve done to protect you.  If you’re not sure what to ask, call me directly, and I’ll help you create a list.

No conditions. No obligation. I care about this issue that much.

If you do need help getting secure, or don’t have anyone you trust to ensure you are, let us help you get there. It’s not expensive. It’s not difficult. It is important enough not to ignore.