Prolong Your Laptop Battery Lifespan with These Expert Tips

Could you imagine doing business 30 years ago without a reliable laptop? It’s a troubling thought, especially when you’re in the middle of an important task and your laptop battery is about to die. 

Avoid the dreaded low battery limbo with these expert tips to extend your laptop battery lifespan and keep it running efficiently. 

Understand Your Battery 

Most modern laptops use lithium-ion batteries with limited charge cycles. Each full discharge from 0% to 100% reduces capacity. To extend battery lifespan, avoid full discharges.

Optimize Power Settings 

Dive into your laptop’s power settings to customize battery preferences: 

  • Hibernation Mode: Enable hibernation mode to activate before your battery depletes entirely. 
  • Battery Saver Mode: Turn on Battery Saver mode to conserve power when your battery is running low. 

Reduce Power Consumption 

Close background apps and disable unnecessary power drains: 

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Turn off these features when not in use. 
  • Screen Brightness: Lower the brightness to save energy. 

Proper Charging Habits 

Modern laptops are designed to handle being plugged in without damaging the battery. However, to prolong your battery lifespan: 

  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Keep your laptop away from excessive heat or cold. 
  • Maintain Charge Levels: Try not to let the battery drop below 20%. 

Storage Tips 

If you plan to store your laptop for an extended period, leave it with around 50% charge. Some battery health apps can also provide real-time insights and help maintain optimal battery health. 

Keep Software Updated 

Regular software updates can improve performance and reduce energy consumption, giving your battery a longer life. 

We specialize in helping businesses get the most from their devices. If you need assistance optimizing your laptop’s performance, get in touch with us today!