Office FireAn office fire could see your business going bankrupt within a year…

That’s because 93% of businesses that lose their data for 10 days or more go bust within a year.

That’s what could happen if you had a disaster – fire, flood or even a burglary – at your office.

When you don’t have a daily verified data backup, if something goes wrong with your data, that’s it. Your data is lost… gone forever.

Creating and checking your backup is something that many businesses mean to get around to doing, but it keeps moving down the task list.

For a short time, our team is offering businesses a disaster recovery review. Our experts will tell you what to implement to give you the best possible chance to bounce back from a crisis.

We’ll talk to you about your business, what you do, and the data you hold, as well as any safety net you currently have in place. Then we will make a series of recommendations to give you greater protection.

If this may interest you, book a quick call (no more than 15 minutes) on our live calendar below. This call will allow us to introduce ourselves to each other and give us an understanding of your business. There’s no obligation to go ahead with the review after we talk, and no obligation to buy anything from us, ever.

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