Microsoft said today it patched two new major security flaws in the Windows Desktop Services package.

These two vulnerabilities are similar to the vulnerability known as BlueKeep which has cost small businesses thousands of dollars and has even put some out of business.

If you’re not 100% confident your computers ans servers are properly protected please call me at no cost so we can talk about how you can know. You can call me directly at 905-231-1303.

These vulnerabilities leave your computers and servers open to automated processes which run throughout the internet, find your vulnerable computers and servers, and encrypt your businesses data, holding the key to decryption for ransom.

Small businesses have been forced to pay anywhere between $6000 and up to $300,000.00 for the key to decrypt their data, not to mention the cost of downtime and getting the encrypted data back up and running. This is real. It is happening daily.

Again if you’re not 100% sure your computers, servers and data are properly protected please call me directly and I can help you find out. This is not a sales pitch. We’re happy to talk to you. Call us at 905-231-1303.