Durham IT Services President Gavin Steiner

Gavin Steiner – President

I’ve been providing IT Services for more than twenty years (Ouch!), and I’ll tell you the one thing I’ve had to overcome more than anything when talking to new clients is the bad taste they have because their past support company did things wrong.

It service and support can be an excellent experience for companies who don’t have huge budgets when IT support and service is done right.

Do these horrible occurrences sound familiar?

  • Hourly fees that add up every month leaving you with no idea what the next invoice is going to cost
  • Computer problems that keep happening over and over again which you’re constantly seeing on those invoices
  • Technicians that will get to you when they get to you
  • Feeling held hostage because you are taking the word of your IT person that things like backups, virus protection, security, etc. are actually running – yet you have no proof or documentation

If you recognize any of the above – and that’s just a sample of IT Service and support done wrong… know that you are not with the right IT provider.

The right provider will provide at minimum:

  • Flat fee services so there are no surprised on any invoice
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance so you’re not paying every month for the same issues that they say are being fixed
  • If something does go wrong it’s on their dime
  • On-demand helpdesk and support that happens when you need it – not just when they can get to you
  • Monthly reports showing that your data is backed up, your computers are protected and secure
  • A documented, tested disaster recovery action plan so you know that even after a total disaster where you’ve lost every computer and server you own – your business will be up and running within hours with almost literally the flick of a switch.

This last point is so critical and so doable and affordable – yet most small business could not survive a flood, fire or another disaster because they don’t have a genuinely complete total backup and recovery solution in place.

With the proper IT Service Provider, you can have it all, including a peaceful feeling that your business is not in danger of going down – and at a predictable, affordable monthly cost.

Now, of course, I know of a great IT company who provide all this and more! I know their owner (ME!) would love the opportunity to talk to you about your current IT state, and how you can save money – yet get more out of your IT budget.

And there are many great companies out there who can provide the same! I do believe we’re one of the the best, though. Microsoft did too when we received the SMB focused “Partner of the Year Award“!

Ok, my sneaky sales pitch is over. But the fact remains – you can and should expect the best from your IT Service provider!

There are no excuses. It’s is your data, your systems, your business that are at stake. Loyalty isn’t enough if you’re not truly protected. You know what you need to do. Make IT happen right!