Most staff care about your business’s cyber security, but not all employees think the same.

 In fact, half are using software that’s been banned by their IT department according to a new survey. These high-risk apps can pose a big threat to your business’s security.

 We’ve created a new video on how to discourage your team from using “security risk” apps. Watch it here:

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Did you know that some of the applications on your laptop might be accessing your webcam or microphone without your knowledge? They could even be gathering data from your messages or tracking your location.

Yes, that would worry me too. Privacy is important.

Fortunately, Microsoft’s testing a new feature in Windows 11 to give you back control over your privacy. Check out our newest video for all the information:

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Could it be true? Could the password be near the end of its life?

It’s possible, yes. Microsoft, Apple and Google have teamed up to kill it for good.

Check out our newest video for what they want to replace passwords with:

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Spam emails are a pain. They are endless and a real distraction.

But it’s more than that. They are taking up hours of our time and when you run a business, you know that time is money.

Time wasted on filtering out spam emails means less time spent on the things that really matter.

Our newest video explains just how many hours are being wasted and how your business can reduce that time. Watch it here:

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How many notifications do you reckon you get every day? I bet its hundreds – messages, emails, alerts, and pop-ups on websites.

If you get too many pop-ups, it has a name – ‘notification spam’. I have good news… Google is going to do something about it!

We’ve created a new video all about it. Watch it here:

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You know what a ransomware attack is, right? Cyber criminals access your data and encrypt it so you can’t access it. Then they demand a ransom fee to get it back.

A shocking 97% of business leaders who’ve already been hit by ransomware say they would pay up if it happened again, despite experts strongly advising against it.

Why? They understand what a nightmare it is.

The only way to protect is to prepare. Our newest video tells you how. Watch it here:

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Hybrid working is here to stay, and so are video calls.

Do you want to give your home or office video call setup an upgrade? Maybe make yourself look and sound better? Our newest video gives you three easy ways to improve your video call set up. Watch it here:

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How many different applications do you have to log into each workday? 5? 10? Maybe more?

So how do you ensure the passwords you’re using for each account are long, strong, and most importantly… unique? The answer is a password manager. But be careful, as not all password managers are equally safe to use.

Microsoft Edge is soon launching a new password management feature BUT… our advice is not to use it. Our latest video explains why. Watch it here:

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The use of Microsoft Teams has just exploded in the last few years. It now boasts over 270 million people using it every month. Its constant growth has been helped by the many improvements and new features being released all the time.

This short video we’ve created will give you the details on three new updates coming soon to Teams. Watch it here:

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Updates are crucial for all our devices. They’re released regularly to help protect us from the security flaws and vulnerabilities that cyber criminals love to exploit. Updates also help us by making software and applications more usable and adding new features.

It’s best practice to run updates as soon as possible on every machine across your business. If you already do this, you can give yourself a high five.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has reported that there is an enormous number of Windows PCs that aren’t up to date.

So, what’s happening? Is it just staff clicking the ‘later’ button when they get the update notifications? That certainly may account for some of it. Updates can be time consuming and sometimes people need to get on with their work. Though we certainly don’t condone this behaviour, we do understand it.

Technical problems with updates may account for some of these out-of-date PCs too, but the majority of update issues are coming from something else entirely. It turns out that Windows machines often need to be connected to the internet for a very long time for updates to work properly.

Microsoft’s recently explained that when an update is installed, a device must remain on and connected to Windows Update for a minimum of two consecutive hours, and six hours in total. That gives your device time to successfully download the update and install it.

The best way to make sure all your devices are successfully updated every time is to insist that your team leave their devices powered on and connected overnight.

This also means that you have to check your Power Management settings to stop your devices from going into hibernation mode or deep sleep too quickly.

To offset any environmental impact, you should also ensure you’re following the recommended power settings on each device.

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Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.