Most businesses don’t know that their backup has problems. Problems such as:

  • It doesn’t back up ALL of your data off-site.
  • If a problem were to disable your servers, it could cost thousands to restore and take days to get you back up and running.
  • It doesn’t do continuous backups; that means you could lose an entire day’s worth of work or more
  • You have to constantly swap out tapes or drives, which leaves room for human error.

That’s why we want to help you move to our new Total Backup and Disaster Recovery service.

Here are 6 BIG reasons why:

  1. ALL of your data is backed up CONTINUOUSLY throughout the day in one hour increments. That means if your server crashes, we can recover your work up to one hour prior to the event.
  2. We AUTOMATICALLY back up all of your data to a highly-secure, off-site location. This eliminates the unreliability of tapes and external hard drives.
  3. No more swapping tapes or drives! Everything is done automatically.
  4. Should your server crash – or even get destroyed – we’ll have a mirror copy of your server that can INSTANTLY take over. That means you won’t be down for days while we rebuild your server!

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