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business data security

None of us would fail to be sure our homes are secure. Yet many business owners and managers don’t stop to think about their business’s data security… which doesn’t make sense. There are a lot more automated processes trying to get at your business’s data than hoping to steal your television! Here are four simple […]

quickly create a new document

Create a new document quicker and become more efficient We are constantly opening new documents. Did you know there is a quick shortcut to do this that will help you save time? Whether you are working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher, this shortcut is for you! While in an already opened document, simple press […]

laptop encryption protects businesses data

How laptop encryption can protect your businesses sensitive data   Millions of Laptops are lost or stolen each year 5% of your businesses mobile devices will be stolen or lost. That’s the average for businesses. It’s worrying and expensive. But what’s more distressing is the exposure of confidential company and customer data that’s stored on these […]

How to spot a ransomware attack

Business Owners Here’s how to spot a ransomware attack before it hurts your business. One of the most dangerous things that can happen to your business is a ransomware attack. Automated processes take control of your computers and encrypt all your data, and lock you out. They won’t undo the encryption unless you pay a […]

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Business Owners Simple Guide to protecting your Business from Cyber Crime

A simple guide for business owners to plan and protect your business from Cyber-Crime Two years ago, two thirds of all businesses reported some type of incident relating to cyber-crime. Business security is your responsibility as a business owner, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Fact: Your business needs to be as prepared as […]