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Team Collaboration in Word

Business owners… are you wanting more effective collaboration opportunities for your team? Office 365 offers many easy-to-use options for collaboration, such as allowing your whole team to work together on documents in Word. As long as your document is stored in OneDrive or SharePoint and you have the auto-save feature turned on, your team can […]


Why Your Business Should Use Office 365

Business owners… is your company currently utilizing Office 365? If not, it is something worth considering as there are many benefits. Here are just a few: Easily work remotely from anywhere on any device Easy and efficient collaboration between team members Robust security measures that allow you to SECURLEY access files from anywhere Improves your […]

How to Quickly Create a New Document

We are constantly opening new documents. Did you know there is a quick shortcut to do this that will help you save time? Whether you are working in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Publisher, this shortcut is for you! While in an already opened document, simple press “Ctrl + N” and a new blank document will […]


Laptop Encryption to Protect Business Data

  Millions of Laptops are lost or stolen each year 5% of your businesses mobile devices will be stolen or lost. That’s the average for businesses. It’s worrying and expensive. But what’s more distressing is the exposure of confidential company and customer data that’s stored on these devices. Your business could suffer catastrophic results. Don’t worry though […]