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Coming Soon: Microsoft Teams Updates

The use of Microsoft Teams has just exploded in the last few years. It now boasts over 270 million people using it every month. Its constant growth has been helped by the many improvements and new features being released all the time. This short video we’ve created will give you the details on three new […]

5 Types of Hackers Endangering Your Business Data

Your data is pivotal to running a successful company. If you don’t have proper security measures in place, hackers can easily steal your data and take you out of business. Cybercriminals might be the biggest threat facing your company. Besides gaining access to your money and accounts, they can also take over critical software, preventing […]

Guide: The Danger’s of Employee’s “Other” Laptop

How to Keep Your Business’s Data Safe During the Work from Home Revolution We’ve all come to accept that working from home and hybrid working are here to stay. In many ways, we’ve embraced this change well. However, one way that many businesses are lacking is in additional security measures for those working away from […]

Finding the Right IT Provider: Avoid These 8 Mistakes

Your business can benefit a lot from working with an IT provider. However, you need to avoid several key mistakes when choosing your team. Time spent on trying to figure out the technology you use in your business can be costly. While doing that, you can’t focus on your business needs, which can then result […]

April 2022 “Tech Tips for the Boss” Newsletter

Here is your April 2022 “Tech Tips For The Boss” newsletter! This month features your business’s secret weapon, important need-to-knows about ransomware, and more! Click here to download it: April 2022 Newsletter Interested in finding out more? Book a 15 minute, no obligation call with us at www.durham-it.ca/book-a-call/.


The Easiest Way to Keep Your Computer Up To Date

Updates are crucial for all our devices. They’re released regularly to help protect us from the security flaws and vulnerabilities that cyber criminals love to exploit. Updates also help us by making software and applications more usable and adding new features. It’s best practice to run updates as soon as possible on every machine across […]

Now in Testing: Windows 11 “Efficiency Mode”

We all tend to have many applications running on our computers throughout our workday. Unfortunately, this can drain our battery quickly, as well as slow down our devices. Luckily, there soon may be a solution! Experts are currently testing a new Windows 11 feature that could make a big difference. Our newest video tells you […]

Would Your Staff Fall for a Phishing Email?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard about phishing. It’s one of the biggest concerns when it comes to cybercrime as it targets your business’s weakest link – your staff. With phishing, cybercriminals send emails to your business pretending to be someone they are not, like your bank or a vendor. Their hope is that one […]

Guide: Your Essential Cloud Migration Strategy Checklist

Have you considered moving your business data and applications over to a cloud-based solution? The thought can be a little overwhelming since is can sound very complex. The reality is, there is a lot that can go wrong – increased downtime, data loss, things not working as they should – but when done correctly, the […]