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Make Scheduling Easy with Microsoft Bookings

Let’s be honest, all of our calendars are PACKED right now. When you are always busy, scheduling time to meet with others can be very difficult. Luckily, Microsoft Bookings was created to help people just like you. Microsoft Bookings is designed to find gaps in your calendars that work well for both you and the […]

What is MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)?

This is a question we get a lot. Many of you have heard about multi-factor authentication (MFA), but aren’t sure what does it actually does and how it could benefit your business? Put simply, MFA is where you use a second device or account to prove that it is really you logging in. This offers […]

The Dangers of “Whaling Attacks”

A whaling what!? Never heard this term? Don’t worry, most haven’t. Imagine that your staff got an email that they thought was from you (but really wasn’t!!), asking them to pay a time-sensitive bill from a new supplier. What are the chances that they would pay it? Many employees would since, well, you’re the boss! […]

Project Management Made Easy with Microsoft Project

Project management is a big part of many businesses. While there are many tools out there, it can often be difficult to find one that fulfills your business’s needs. Here is our recommendation… Microsoft Project! On top of being easy to use, Microsoft Project easily integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps that your business already […]

Reducing Risks in Your Business

As business owners and managers, you have A LOT of responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities is managing risks within your business, which includes protecting your company from predictable threats. Cyber-attacks are a huge threat to all businesses. Can you 100% say that your business is protected from a cyber-attack? Unfortunately, most are not. […]

Work Better as a Team with Microsoft SharePoint

Sharing information and storing documents in a team setting can often be frustrating. Because every team is so unique, they each require a platform that is customizable to their needs. Luckily, Microsoft offers just this with SharePoint. SharePoint is a cloud-based app that has been developed to aid in productivity and communication. Here is our […]

The Dangers of Spoofed Wi-Fi

Have you ever heard of spoofed Wi-Fi? Many have not, but it has become a real concern. Reality is, public Wi-Fi is a prime target for attackers. If you ever connect to public Wi-Fi, such as those available in restaurants, you first need to be sure that you are protected. Our new video outlines what […]